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Deerfield Urethane

Deerfield Urethane

World Leading Manufacturer of Polyurethane
Blown & Coextruded Film and Flat Die Sheet



Conrad Corp

The Conard Corporation

Conard Corp has specialized in precision photochemical etching for more than forty years, working with a wide range of metals and assisting hundreds of companies in utilizing photo etching. We provide engineering and design support; rapid turn around of prototypes; and engage in special development projects to help customers solve complex problems.



Novicon Industries

Novicon Industries is a different breed of company offering creative, flexible, and innovative labor saving noise and vibration control material solutions. As an engineering based, customer driven company. Novicon always delivers exactly what you need and want for you application, not just what may be in stock or standard. Creating new, application-specific products is a crucial part of the company's corporate philosophy of flexibility.

With over 18 years of experience in engineering, development, and providing noise and vibration control products for various industries, Novicon's personnel are well suited to solve your unique challenges utilizing advanced, proprietary products.